The Storybook of Emily Jordan


The storybook of Emily Jordan began 3 years ago, when Emily Gerstein was a junior in high school. Gerstein sat at a paint covered wooden table in her favorite teacher’s classroom where her first glimpse into textiles bloomed into a full force passion. She went on to make 50+ different psychedelic, bohemian, and colorful prints. 


Gerstein sat down with her parents and presented them her business proposition. The master plan that concurred in her creative and overflowing mind was to create an original printed sleeve top with her original prints. She continued towards the next step of finding a manufacturer by researching on the world-wide-web contacts and emails to reach out to. She scheduled a Skype meeting with a company over seas to discuss her crazy idea. Fast- forward 10 months later and she had her first ever Emily Jordan sample in hand. 


At this present chapter of the Emily Jordan tale, Gerstein released her full collection for Spring/Summer 2017. This is a giant and exciting step forward towards rebranding Emily Jordan, growing the company's network, and turning our goals into milestones.